A nearly 200 year long history

In Asiago, bread is called Keple!

Since 1826, generations of bakers have handed down a passion for making good bread. A nearly 200 year history. We produce numerous varieties of bread: from simple common bread, seven-grain bread, specialty breads with the addition of olives, nuts, peppers, onion and “so on and so forth”, to the highly sought-after bread with Italian stone-ground flour combined with healthy sourdough. But we don’t just make bread. Every day we bake specialty pizzas, topped with fresh asiago cheese. You can also find some sweet surprises: our cakes, delicious biscuits and plum cakes, always available in three flavors of yogurt, chocolate, and berry. A rich and varied offering to satisfy any palate.


The tradition of bread in our family has roots dating back to 1827. A tradition that is reinvented through experimentation while keeping the passion for top quality ingredients intact. By using new technology, we are able to be patient with leavening yet efficient in production. With the same passion every day, we bake loaves for all tastes, including the cherished “Sunday bread” mixed with herbs and flowers from mountain nettles.


Breakfasts, cakes, and pastries

We want to spoil you in the morning! In our cafeteria, the scent of freshly baked bread blends with the aroma of good coffee. Our delicious breakfast croissants are enriched by Rigoni di Asiago organic products, our partner. If you stay in our B&B, breakfast is included. In addition, you can indulge in delicious snacks while savoring our selection of hot chocolate, cakes and biscuits.


Enough with peanuts and chips! Treat yourself to a taste of our freshly baked products while enjoying your aperitif. Traditional cocktails or our own inventions, such as the Keple Butterfly or the Keple Emozioni. You can enjoy Asiago at sunset, while having a pleasant chat with your drink in hand.


Lunches and Snacks

Keple is not just a bakery and pastry shop. We can also host you for lunch! In the harsh months of the pandemic we did not lose heart and thought of offering something more! This is how the brand new “Snack Corner” was born for a tasty snack or appetising lunch break. Here, you will find our sandwiches, stuffed focaccia, delicious toasts, and our pizzas. Come to Keple for lunch too!


Treat yourself to Asiago!
Come and try our Sachertorte and, why not, stay with us for some well deserved relaxation, hospitality, and quality products. Three warm and welcoming mountain style rooms will pamper you during the night. In the morning, breakfast is included! You will be able to enjoy the scent of the woods and our products. Then, you can backpack through one of the many mountain plateau trails.

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